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Coaching High-Potential Millennials

ExecutiveBrain Coaching

Engage an Executive Coach 1:1We leverage the neuroscience behind emotional and Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ Judith Glazer) to train the brain of leaders for rapid change.

Conversational Intelligence

Conversations are the engine of business, yet nine out of 10 Conversations miss their mark. C-IQ is pivotal in creating powerful conversations in which intent matches impacts, promotes trust in relationships that evolves into a culture of trust and innovation that propels organizations forward.


Emotional Intelligence

The higher the level of leadership the more they count on achieving the business strategy through inspiring and motivating others around a vision. Successful leaders are aware of their own behaviors, and how they impact others. They can regulate their own emotions even in times of crisis and stress.



People think the CEO is all powerful. But the price to pay is very heavy. Everyone comes to me for answers. Who can I think things through with, and not worry about personal or political agendas?” CEO of privately held Medical Device Firm



“I have several “star women leaders” who came from different firms and yet they are struggling to perform in our culture. How can we help them to work through this so they reach their potential here?” Managing Director, Financial Services



We have just promoted some of our  millennial  technical talent into leadership positions. They are extremely smart and well respected engineers, yet they are having a tough time making the transition.VP Talent global software company.



I know that I have leadership potential, but I am overwhelmed trying to balance my work and family life as is. How do I deal with growing my career while growing my family?”

“I see other people around me getting promoted. Something is holding me back. I don’t know what it is, but it’s time I did something about it or it will be too late.VP Financial Services Firm



“I am ready to move out of this company. I have an idea I want to pursue and turn it into a company. will never get promoted here. I think I want to do something different with my life. Can you help me take the leap?VP of Marketing and Sales Firm



1. Initial, free, no-obligation 30 minute consultation for new clients

2. Flat fee for a six-month Concierge Coaching package, with unlimited access by email or phone “just-in-time” coaching

3. ExecutiveBrainCoaching Package: Scheduled bi-monthly appointments for six months, in-person or tele-coaching, focusing on EQ and C-IQ

4. TopTeamCollaboration Package: 12 sessions of team coaching to create conversations with impact to move the organization forward.


You are ready to hire an Executive coach. How does the coaching process work?


  • Strategic individual coaching of high potential leaders based on objective self-assessment instruments and interpretive reports.
  • 360 confidential interviews with select peers, direct reports and senior leaders.
  • Observation in team and/or working with others
  • Strategic Development Plan incorporating EQ and C-IQ based on the integration of assessments and 360 interviews.

Feedback and Action Plan

  • Two to four sessions a week for six months with option to continue
  • Brief email and phone contact in between sessions
  • Learn what to change, and how to change it

Measurement and Accountability

  • Self-measures of progress
  • Colleagues or team also assess progress

Sample outcomes of coaching include:

  • Accelerating emotional and relationship management competence
  • Navigating decision-making and change
  • Awareness and self–management regarding of how you impact others
  • Learning how to leverage your strengths and improve areas of development
  • Applying different leadership styles and how to use them adaptively
  • Effectively leverage resources across business units to create customer–focused business
  • Thinking strategically and systemically, while managing the press of day-to-day operations
  • Balancing work and life

TopTeam Collaboration

We are promoting groups of high potential Millennials to the VP level. Can coaching help them transition from relying on functional expertise to leading through influence to get results across a global business? This has been very difficult in our competitive culture.” EVP, Global Manufacturing company

What do we get?

Coaching teams:

Our international and domestic sales teams are at odds with each other and their customers. We need a unified strategy and approach if we are to stay competitive.” CEO of Alternative Energy company

What are we to do?

What do we get?

  • Groups are coached to become high performance teams wrapped around achieving the right business results
  • Team members identify issues and together design a customized series of workout sessions for the group.
  • Teams measure progress and integrate lessons learned.

In a series of 90 minutes sessions teams work on:

  • Forming the group and creating a charter
  • Developing relationships of human connection, trust and community
  • Clarifying the purpose of the team and performance goals
  • Learning and applying the skills and tools of Emotional and Conversational Intelligence
  • Learning how to manage differences
  • Determining how decisions will be made

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