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Embed Innovation Networks

innovationAccelerating the ability of leaders to communicate, collaborate, innovate and create connectivity across the organization to get the right results

Build connectivity and an innovation culture within the organization

“Our divisions barely communicate they are so busy fighting fires. How can we get them to have powerful conversations and collaborate across silos to innovate and thrive in the future?”

What do we get?

  • Development of collaborative networks that unleash innovation, speed and agility
  • Assessment of collaboration bottlenecks using action research and organizational network analysis
  • Facilitation of Catalyst Council to plan and design a client-centered organization
  • Acceleration of change through large system workouts and collaborative management decision-making
  • Measurement of progress and integration of lessons learned for sustainability

Today’s businesses increasingly rely on technology and transformational change to improve collaboration and innovation, in order to accelerate performance and profits.    Most technology driven initiatives fail (70%) because the set of principles and activities designed to prepare and support people through significant organizational and technological change–the human dynamic of change–are ignored.

Collaborative Network’s (CN) comprehensive approach to managing collaboration and innovation integration can help senior leadership increase the probability of being in the 30% that succeed in realizing the value and benefits of transformational initiatives.

CN methodology sustains people during the integration through stakeholder engagement initiatives, with clear sponsorship and governance, compelling strategic intent and consistent communication.

The benefits of including a human dynamic approach range from cost savings and process efficiencies to cultural and behavioral changes such as greater employee engagement, satisfaction and talent retention.

Strategic Planning

CN can help your organization to create a strategic planning process and roadmap to get to your desired future state. We customize the process to fit your organization’s needs. Our innovative whole system approach to engaging internal and external stakeholders taps into their collective intelligence to build robust and dynamic solutions needed in innovation cultures.

Innovation Integration Solution

We are recognized leaders in helping organizations implement and manage the human dynamic of large, complex transformational change initiatives. Our combination of business process, technical and organizational change experience with divisional to enterprise wide or global initiatives positions Collaborative Networks apart from our competitors.  Tactics and tools for change management programs already exist in the marketplace.

Our differentiated offering incorporates the cutting edge wisdom and experience of convening large groups of people in short periods of time to increase the likelihood of success and sustainability. Deliverables are specific to each program and include written reports, oral presentations, executive briefings and customized documentation.

Framework for Success

Collaborative Networks and Induct

CN has partnered with Induct Software Inc., to provide the innovation integration consulting for their technology driven and scalable innovation management solution. CN has the capability to facilitate and build governance structures for collaboration and innovation networks powered by Induct and their implementation methodology.

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