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Grow Millennial Talent for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Performance Networks

CNI partners with Mohr Collaborative to deliver a three month Leading through Innovation program for emerging talent in financial services and high tech companies

Millennial Leadership and High Performance Networks

  • CNI partners with Mohr Collaborative to deliver a three-six month Leading through Innovation program for emerging talent in global financial services and high tech companies.
  • This includes 3-5 day in-person leadership sessions for 100 people divided into 5-7 person diverse teams
  • Teams speak with customers, learn innovation skills
  • Develop proposal for new product, process etc. that involves a compelling business case, customer research, financials and plan for implementation
  • Internal mentors and sponsors are assigned to teams
  • Individual and team coaching provided by Mohr/CN

talentLeadership and Collective Intelligence

CN has developed leadership models that leverage the collective intelligence and collaboration required in an innovation culture. CN provides individualized learning team development, executive coaching and three to five day intensive leadership retreats.

Approach and Benefits

We partner with you to realize your investment in both the technology and the people who drive collaboration and innovation which are at the heart of performance and profitability.

We have deep and broad expertise in the US and globally in project implementation and organizational change management across business disciplines that are required to develop and sustain a culture of innovation.

In a partnership with CN your company will build the internal capability to realize and sustain the value associated with your innovation initiative.

For more information on how Collaborative Networks can assist in identifying the collaboration and innovation approach that is right for your business, please contact us.

Learn more about how Mindy L. Gewirtz, Ph.D. collaborates with Mohr Collaborative to deliver Leading through Innovation programs for high potential leaders in global financial service firms – Download PDF

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